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solovita wellness - wellness letter

Welcome to the Wellness eLetter... by SoloVita Wellness


• Joint pain
• Prevent osteoarthritis
• Reduce pain and other symptoms associated with osteoarthritis
• Gout
• Help build, repair and regenerate cartilage to reverse the
• osteoarthritis process
• Slow down the breakdown of cartilage
• Knee, elbow, shoulder, & back pain 

Provides 1500 mg of glucosamine, the “therapeutic” dose shown in studies to reduce pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.

• Pharmaceutically pure, biologically functional glucosamine from Glucosamine Hydrochloride—easy to digest and sulphite-free—minimizing digestive discomfort and allergic reactions.
• Natural, high-quality source of purified glucosamine.
• Herbal Comfort Complex, an exclusive blend of Bromelain (reduces swelling of joint and muscles), White Willow (reduces pain and inflammation), and Boswellia (supports connective tissue and joint structure).  Ingredients strongly associated with the body’s natural mechanisms for minimizing joint pain and inflammation to boost the body’s natural anti-inflammatory capacity and provide additional comfort.
• Regenerative Mineral Complex, an exclusive blend of synergistically critical Zinc (stimulates both growth and calcification involved in the synthesis of collagen), Boron (Reduces calcium loss and bone demineralization, restores boron concentrations in bone and synovial fluid), and Silica (supports bone growth).  These are key minerals for joint health to help ensure the abundance of biologically critical minerals necessary for healthy comfort.
• 3D Advantage, our unique manufacturing technology that maximizes the three critical steps of digestion to deliver optimal bioavailability:
- Disintegration-tablets break down quickly
- Dissolution-active ingredients dissolve smoothly and   efficiently
- Dispersion-active ingredients spread widely and efficiently throughout body

By assuring these three steps take place quickly and efficiently, GNLD’s 3D Advantage makes Full Motion the undisputed leader of the pack when it comes to product performance and user benefit.
Adults:  Take 1 tablet three times daily with 8 fl oz of water.  For best results, take each tablet just before mealtimes.  (Note:  I find it easier to take all 3 tablets at breakfast)
• A low fat, high fiber diet providing optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and other food factors is the basis of good health, and this applies to the joints as well.
• Regular moderate, low-impact exercise is critical to retain mobility, keep joints flexible and build the strength of supporting muscles. Swimming laps, water aerobics and other aquatic exercises are especially helpful because they involve minimal stress on weight-bearing joints.
• Rest! It is important to recognize when to stop or slow down.
• Protect joint to prevent strain or stress on painful areas.   Knee braces, splints and shock-absorbing shoes can provide extra support to weakened joints.
• Weight control to prevent extra stress on weight bearing joints. The force of one knee with each foot strike is two to three times as great as the body weight, so weight loss of just 11 pounds takes 22 to 33 pounds off the knee. A healthy diet and regular exercise help reduce weight.


Before Full Motion I used to get sharp pains in my knees whenever I walked up and down the stairs.  I am a gardener and do a lot of bending.  After years of bending, my joints started to really bother me.  After taking 3 Full Motion a day for 6 months the pain disappeared!!!!!!!!!  I also had problems with my finger. Every morning after waking up it would take me an hour to move my fingers, they were very stiff and painful. Now it only takes a few seconds and the stiffness is gone!  Thank you Full Motion!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma Ivancic, Caledon, Ontario

My testimony is one of relief and excitement.  I am a school teacher that is active with school sports as well as I continue to play recreational hockey and baseball in weekly leagues.  I have not been able to keep up to my activities without pain for years.  I have tried other glucosamine products, in fact I took one for about 4 years in hopes that it would help and I also had to wear knee and ankle braces during my sports activities.  It was getting to the point that just daily routines were causing pain especially in my knees, just walking up stairs or bending down to pick up our small dog was a problem.  My wife Sue suggested trying GNLD Full Motion to see if I could get some relief, and it was amazing.  Within 10 days of taking the product I was able to carry out my day without any pain, people that I worked with were amazed!  The good news does not stop there; I am playing sports without the aid of my knee and ankle braces and feel great!!  I have shared this great product with others and they are also getting the same great results. 
Greg Atherton, Orangeville, Ontario

I used to be an extremely active person. Camping, running, weight-lifting, golf, and hiking were part of the lifestyle I shared with my husband. In one moment, though, that lifestyle was taken from me. Eleven years ago, I was on a motorcycle when suddenly a car cut between two other cars and struck me. I remember thinking; I am way too young to lose everything, as I hit the pavement, my bike on top of me, the footrest snapping my foot.
The prognosis was bleak. While the doctors were able to save my foot, they were convinced I would never be able to walk unassisted, return to work, or bear the weight of a normal pregnancy. But I was determined that with vigorous physical therapy and GNLD products I would recover. I returned to work after a year, walked with crutches and a cane, and five years ago gave birth to a beautiful child. My recovery was not complete; however, I still depended on pain-killers to get me through the day and only had partial mobility. I was unhappy and scared of the long-term effects of prolonged pain-killer usage.
When I was approached to be a part of the trial, prior to the Full Motion launch, I readily accepted the opportunity. Within days, I no longer began my day reaching for pain-killers. After several weeks of using Full Motion, it no longer takes me 15 minutes to loosen up my foot in the morning. I can get out of bed ready for my day!
“I now walk without assistance or a limp, play 18 holes of golf without a cart, and camp and hike with my family-and a recent x-ray shows that my bone is actually regenerating!
“Full Motion didn’t just give me my health back-it gave me back my career and my active lifestyle with my family. You just can’t put a price on that!”
Debbie Abbott, Toronto, Ontario 
Over the years playing soccer both indoor and outdoor had really taken its toll on my knees and ankles.  In 2004 I decided that I could no longer play due to the pain.  The constant sprinting and stopping had become unbearable but the thought of giving up something I loved was even more painful.  In May of 2005 I was introduced to Full Motion and really was hoping for it to give me some pain relief not really expecting to ever return to soccer.  After taking the product for a couple of weeks I noticed that my knees felt better and that my ankles didn't feel so stiff.  Shortly after that I didn't even notice that my knees and ankles didn't even hurt anymore.  In January of 2006 I started playing soccer again only this time pain free!
Jackie Rondeau, Mississauga, Ontario

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