GNLD - Solo Vita Wellness Testimonials


C. Maiorano, Georgetown, ONT. Canada

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For a year and a half after my second child was born I suffered from constant fatigue. I had to take a nap every afternoon or else I could not function for the rest of the day. I would go the gym and not be able to do a fitness class because I did not have the energy for it. Then a friend at the gym recommended NeoLife supplements and I started taking 2 products. My third week – WOW – I felt a surge of energy and have not taken a nap in the afternoon since! I have energy, feel healthy, my mood is more constant, and I am back to doing aerobic classes at the gym! It has been life changing for me. I am sharing the information about the NeoLife with my family and friends who are also are having great results on the products and so it makes me want to tell everyone about them!

Hormones/Yeast Infections...
Maria M., Markham, Ontario, Canada

I had "no issues" this month! The vitamins must be working. I am very excited and you have me as your customer for LIFE!

I got a compliment from my soccer team yesterday that I look 8 years younger than I am!  I don’t really use anything on my face but take GNLD (NeoLife) vitamins.  I think that because my insides are clean – my face is keeping young!  
Lori, Ontario, Canada
Christine Maiorano, my dear friend whom I'm grateful for every day, introduced the GNLD (NeoLife) product line to me over six months ago and I am thrilled with the results. Christine is a great ambassador for GNLD (NeoLife) and her love of the products and a healthy life experience are contagious. She's an expert that listens, guides and educates those around her.
Christine has made many recommendations which have helped me tremendously. I was experiencing dizziness at the gym, my system was sluggish and my energy level would dip in the afternoon. Since taking
Formula IV, NouriShake and the GReat Bars I am more energized and no longer have those issues. Acidophilus Plus in the morning, Digestive Enzymes before meals and a shot of Aloe Vera Plus in the evening ensures a great start to the next day. I had knee surgery a year ago and was having issues with inflammation. Since taking Salmon Oil Plus, I no longer have swelling and I'm building my bones with Cal-Mag. A couple of months ago, I started the Tre Drink and absolutely love it! I love knowing that I've given my body what it needs to remain healthy and strong and my immune system is stronger than ever, thanks to Garlic Allium Complex.
I highly recommend GNLD (NeoLife) products for anyone who chooses to live a healthier life and I highly recommend Christine Maiorano of Solo Vita Wellness to guide you through the process!
Lori, Ontario, Canada
August 3, 2009


Theresa Decarie,

Acton, Ont. Canada

I was introduced to GNLD (NeoLife) in 2009. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle: I go to the gym, drink as much water as I can, eat as healthy as I can but I felt that I needed something extra. I thought a pharmacy brand multi-vitamin would do the trick but I found I would suffer from a migraine after I took it. I was not familiar with this aspect of my health and wanted to know more about what I could do.
Christine came into my life JUST at the right time! She showed me what GNLD (NeoLife) was all about and I felt comfortable making the decision to try the products. I got a health assessment and was amazed at the results! It's amazing what your body is trying to tell you.
I began the NouriShake, Pro Vitality and got my boyfriend on the men's Formula IV. After 4 days!!!! 4 days!!!! I was already feeling better!!! I didn't even know what I was missing out on! I am more focused, not tired and feel GREAT! My boyfriend said now he is feeling a difference too!
I am so glad Christine introduced me to a product I now cannot live without!



Liz Turnbull, Milton, Ont. Canada

I am very involved in fund raising for Parkinson’s disease and was asked to be a model in a fashion show at a fund raising event. Although I worked out regularly, I felt I had gained a lot of weight in my stomach area and was no longer the size 6 I used to be. I talked to Maryellen at the gym and she told me about the Gr2 Control Weight Loss Program. I started attending her weight loss support group and the results were amazing. I realized that I was not eating properly and that I was causing my body to store fat. I started on the program and found I could eat more food, and had so much more energy. I went from a size 10 to a size 6 with a total weight loss of 16 pounds and 8.5 inches lost! In fact, my picture was on page 3 of the Milton Champion modeling for the “Parkinson’s Research”. Not only do I look and feel better, but I noticed a surprising amount of difference in my stamina level, flexibility and health! I would recommend the program for everyone.


S. K., TORONTO Ontario, Canada

I was a meal skipper for many years and was very frustrated because I could not lose weight. When I went for my yearly physical I was shocked to find out that my blood sugar level was 6.2 and I was on the road to being a Type II diabetic. I was also advised that my cholesterol was 6.59.
I spoke to Maryellen and she recommended that I take NouriShake for breakfast every day and follow the Foods to Enjoy/Avoid list. She also emphasized that I must eat 2 mini meals a day along with my regular meals.
I was now eating more food than I had ever eaten before, and I found I was losing weight. When I went back to my doctor, she reported that I had lost 14 pounds, my blood sugar level had dropped to 5.1 which was now in the acceptable level. As an added bonus my cholesterol had dropped to 5.62. My good cholesterol, HDL had increased to 1.99 from 1.7 and my bad cholesterol, LDL had dropped from 4.04 to 3.26. 
I am so pleased with the results and find I feel better and have more energy. Thank you GNLD.


Jackie Rondeau
Ontario, Canada
Ever since I can remember I've had digestive problems, as far back as 4 years old.  No matter what I ate I would suffer from cramping, bloating, gas really just excruciating pain that would also send me to the washroom constantly.  As I got older I was one of those people who after a meal couldn't wait to undo the top button on my pants because of the bloating I suffered with.  I also had very dark rings around my eyes and lacked energy.  I had a good diet. We cooked everything from scratch and we always had plenty of fruits and vegetables but I still suffered.  I used various over the counter remedies but nothing worked and all the doctors could say was that it was something I should learn how to live with. And it wasn't only the pain I suffered with, it was also the embarrassment of being in a room and the people beside me or across from me could hear all the activity in my stomach.
Well in 1992, I came across GNLD's (NeoLife) Enzyme Digestive Aid and almost immediately they changed my life.  All those symptoms vanished!  Later on that year, I became pregnant with our second son Justin and experienced a lot of heartburn. So I started the Betagest and like magic my heartburn was gone.
Today 12 years later I'm still using Beta-Gest and Enzymes and have never felt better.  Not only did my digestive problems go away but so did the dark rings around my and just by adding Formula IV I gained back all my energy I thought was gone forever.


Scott Hannan, NHL Star and World Champion

These products have helped me achieve my goals. When you start the season, the goal is to stay healthy, keep my energy levels high, and not lose the strength and endurance you build over the summer. By using GNLD (NeoLife) products, I'm able to perform at my peak the entire season. Read Scott Hannan's story.


C. Maiorano
Georgetown, Ontario

Our children are 7 and 9 years old. We have been using the GNLD (NeoLife) products for our children over the past 5 years with great success! Some of the past issues that the GNLD (NeoLife) supplements have helped us with are: constipation, asthma, yeast overgrowth, excitability and focusing problems, and seasonal allergies. GNLD (NeoLife) has helped to get our children through every single one of these issues without the need for medication or lengthy school absences. Now our immune systems are very strong and do not get sick as often or as severe as others. A great foundation for kids is the Vita-Squares, Vita-Gard, NouriShake and All-C. I would not want to be without these products for our children. It has been so rewarding to watch our babies grow and develop into beautiful, healthy kids with the help of GNLD’s (NeoLife) wonderful, safe nutritional supplements.


Lisa Blackburn, Olympic World Class Swimmer

I was really skeptical at first, but I tried the NouriShake and the Formula IV Plus. Right away I noticed a big difference in the way I felt. In the last two years, I've achieved my lifetime best times in the 100m and 200m! Read Lisa Blackburn's Story.


M. Carmichael, Alliston, ON

My son had been on antibiotics a couple of times when he was an infant for ear infections. I added the Vita-Gard into his supplement program and he has not had an ear infection since. It has now been almost 3 years. He does not seem to catch “whatever’s going around” either. 
At 3 years old his nursery school teacher told me she felt he was having trouble with aggression. Trying different approaches to help him deal with things better did not seem to make a difference. Remembering about the antibiotics from when he was younger, I decided to introduce the Acidophilus Plus on a daily basis. After approximately 2 – 3 weeks I received a phone call home from the teacher and she said she had been noticing a tremendous difference in him and felt he was a calmer child.



Joanne Watson
Brampton, ON
Carotenoid Complex has really been great for me and my children. I haven't had bronchitis, use my inhalers or had to take any antibiotics since starting Carotenoid Complex. My allergies are even better. If I find myself getting a cold, I take a few extra Carotenoids, get lots of rest and I seem to fight it off.
My kids haven't been on antibiotics either since starting to take this wonderful product either. They no longer have their dark unhealthy circles under their eyes. They don't miss school like they used to either. 
Carotenoid Complex has been a life changing product for our family. Thanks to GNLD (NeoLife).


Greg Atherton
Orangeville, Ontario
My testimony is one of relief and excitement. I am a school teacher that is active with school sports as well as I continue to play recreational hockey and baseball in weekly leagues. I have not been able to keep up to my activities without pain for years. I have tried other glucosamine products, in fact I took one for about 4 years in hopes that it would help and I also had to wear knee and ankle braces during my sports activities. It was getting to the point that just daily routines were causing pain especially in my knees, just walking up stairs or bending down to pick up our small dog was a problem. My wife Sue suggested to me to try the GNLD's (NeoLife) Full Motion to see if I could get some relief, and it was amazing. Within 10 days of taking the product I was able to carry out my day without any pain, people that I worked with were amazed! The good news does not stop there, I am playing sports without the aid of my knee and ankle braces and feeling great!! I have shared this great product with others and they are also getting the same great results.  


La Vita Bakery, Deli & Café in Georgetown, Ontario

We are the owners of La Vita Bakery, Deli & Café in Georgetown, Ontario. Preserving the environment is a concern for us and should be a concern for every business owner. We have always used GNLD’s (NeoLife) environmentally friendly cleaners at home, and knew that they would surely be strong enough for our industry as well. So when our Bakery began, we turned to GNLD’s (NeoLife) cleaners for our cleaning needs.
La Vita uses LDC (Light Duty Cleaner), for hand washing dishes prior to running them through the sanitizing machine (as required by the Health Department). We discovered that you don’t need lots of suds in order to cut the grease from our heavily soiled pots and pans! It does not dry-out the skin on your hands, either! And because it comes as a concentrate and is mixed 5 parts of water to 1 part of LDC, it is very economical.
The other GNLD (NeoLife) cleaning product we use is Super 10 (Heavy Duty Cleaner). We use this for pre-soaking pots and pans (just spray it on and leave it and they always come clean!). We also use this to clean our bathrooms, stainless steel counter tops, kitchen stove, tables, chairs, sinks and ceramic tile floors. Super 10 is also used as a glass cleaner – just 3 drops to a 24oz spray water bottle. It works just like those chemical brands, but healthier for ourselves and for our staff! It is very economical as well!
We also use the GNLD (NeoLife) laundry compound called G-One Laundry Compound for washing our rags and cleaning towels. Again, it is very economical as we need far less of it than those other chemical brands. And there’s no need for liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets! This is because G-One is environmentally friendly, rinses completely away and contains no fillers so there is no static cling! When we have extra greasy loads of towels, we just use some of the Super 10 with the G-One and get great results!
We have found that GNLD (NeoLife) cleaning products are very economical, versatile, smell great, and do a great job of cleaning our store! We can also breath easier knowing that we are not sending toxic chemicals ~ and our hard-earned money ~ down the drain!


Christine Fisher Bradford, Ont. Canada

I was introduced to GNLD (NeoLife) in March of 2006 by Michel Carmichael. We met at a hockey game where we just started talking about health and she peaked my interest about the whole food supplements.
I had been on vitamins for many years and never felt different.
I have fibromyalgia, suffered for many years not knowing what it was. I was diagnosed last Feb. I had extreme chronic fatigue, depression, muscle soreness, and headaches. 
In March I started taking the GNLD products, started with a basic program the NouriShake, tried the yeast cleanse, and that was it to start. I started to feel better
And then I stopped. That is when I noticed a big difference in my energy level going down. So I started again adding the Tre-en-en, Carotenoid Complex, and Salmon Oil, and WOW what a difference. I had more energy, I could walk with less pain.   And just over all feeling good. I am now medication free…I run my own business…I can deal better with my everyday life, kids, hockey, business and home life.
Because of this I have started sharing the GNLD (NeoLife) products with others and have decided to start my own business.
I am having more fun now, helping others and knowing I am making a difference in peoples lives.


Stuart Parsons, Pickering Ontario, Canada

 In mid December 2005 I weighed 238 lbs. With a two week family vacation coming up on the March break in Florida I was determined to lose weight. We had a one week cruise and one week condo booked in Coco Beach booked and I wanted to fit back into my bathing suits and shorts. My goal was to break 200 lbs.
When I left for my holiday I weighed 202 lbs! I used the GNLD (NeoLife) chocolate shake meal replacement two times a day and had a normal dinner. The weight was easy to lose and I lost between 3-4 lbs a week. I gave myself one cheat day, usually Sundays and ate whatever I wanted, within reason. During this time I exercised 3-4 times a week on my elliptical machine at home.
GNLD is a great product if you are trying to lose either a few or a bunch of pounds.


Fya Rehorst, Brampton, Ontario
I am 86 years old and have been a faithful customer of GNLD (NeoLife) since 1993. I used to be tired and have stomach problems, but thanks to the products, I no longer have these issues. I have lots of energy and I am really enjoying life. I travel every year to Daytona Beach with my new husband and plan to do so for many more years. I would not miss a day of having my GNLD whole food supplements. They are keeping me healthy.


Rocchina Maiorano,
Georgetown, Ontario
I am a 70+ year old grandmother with arthritis in my legs and hands,  the pain was so bad that I could hardly walk. Then I started on Salmon Oil Plus and one week later went back to my fitness club and excercised for an hour and a half with no pain in my legs. Now I tell everyone about Salmon Oil Plus and the qualtiy GNLD (NeoLife) products.
Maryellen and Henry Vandenbrink
Mississauga, Ontario
In 1994, my son was suffering terrible allergies and a friend introduced me to GNLD (NeoLife). Within a short time, my son started feeling better. Soon my family and friends were taking the products and we decided to start our own GNLD (NeoLife) business.  Today, we're running a very successful and growing home-based business - and are living a flexible and stress-free life because of it! I have complete control over my daily schedule. I love being my own boss. I get to meet new people, share great products, and help othes create their own successful businesses. There are so many advantages to having a GNLD (NeoLife) business. GNLD (NeoLife) is the gateway to an enjoyable, stress-free way of life! 
Cyndy Hadley Brampton, Ontario
In my late 30s, early 40s, I developed Rosacea, which for me included dry itchy red patches on my forehead and the sides of my nose along with numerous broken blood vessels on my cheeks. I was given a cortisone cream by the dermatologist and was told there was no cure, but that with this cream I could keep the dry itchy patches in control. The cream did work pretty good, but I always worried about using a cortisone cream for very long as it has been connected with arthritis and thinning of the skin.  
When I got on the GNLD (NeoLife) products for my energy and pain, I noticed a huge difference in my skin also. I no longer ever needed to use the cortisone cream, no longer suffered with dry itchy patches. Although I do blush easily (always did, always will, that's me) my blood vessels very rarely break like before. As well as taking Formula IV and NouriShake, I added B complex, as this is also good for Rosacea. In addition, I always used top of the market skin care products, but since starting the Nutriance Skin Care, the texture of my skin has improved even more and I often get comments on how nice my skin is. Not to sound vain, but we can hide the flaws in our body with clothes but we can't hide our faces…. I am really thankful that I found GNLD (NeoLife) products and they are still working after almost 6 years.
Nada and Gilles St. Germain
Orton, Ontario
When I was working as a Police Officer in Toronto, I was tired working shift work all the time. I was introduced to GNLD (NeoLife) and my family started getting great results on the products. I began sharing the information with others and quickly built a great home-based business. I was able to retire from the police force at age 30 and my husband retired at age 35. We were able to focus on family life and build our dream home. Our sons are now 7 and 10 and we have been home to watch them grow every step of the way. This business gives you that kind of freedom!
 C. Maiorano
Georgetown, Ontario
Since obtaining more energy and better health with GNLD (NeoLife) products, I have simply been sharing my success with others. We all seek better health and wealth, and when I am able to help someone with either of those things, life becomes more rewarding. I love the flexability and time freedom that my GNLD (NeoLife) home based business gives me. It just makes sense to us to build this business now, so that when we retire we will have the health and the wealth to be able to really enjoy it!


 Sarah Aucoin
Mississauga, Ontario
As an adult, I suffered from problem skin. I had constant break outs especially around my mouth and chin. I had itchy red dry skin around my nose and mouth in the winter. It was embarrassing. I was always trying to cover my blemishes and scars with makeup.
I have worked in spas for about 10 years as a Registered Massage Therapist. Because of this I had access to very expensive high end skin care lines. I have tried at least 4 different brands with very little success. I was a bit of a skin care "snob" and thought that it had to be expensive to work even though nothing was working for me.
I had been using GNLD (NeoLife) for about 4 years but never considered the skin care. I decided to try Nutriance Skin Care 6 months ago. It has completely changed my life. I do not break out anymore. I might get a pimple every 4-8 weeks. My scars have faded! My skin feels so amazing. It is plump and not dry at all. I am 41 years old  and I was starting to see fine lines and wrinkles especially around my forehead and nose. Now these lines are barely noticeable. A friend the other day told me I looked liked I was 25 not 41! I will never use anything else again.
I love how simple the skin care is. The Facial Cleanser feels light and refreshing. The Enriching Moisturizer is so light and not greasy. I also love the Facial Scrub and the Collagen Cream. I love that there is no strong scent.
I don't have to use makeup to cover anything up anymore.
The best part is that I spend  so much less now on my skin for so much more. It doesn't get any better than that.
Thanks GNLD (NeoLife).


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